Thursday, April 16, 2009

Confession No. 21: I Need a System For Learning More About God

I am not what you would consider an "organized / systems kind of girl", but I desperately want to be. I long for the day, when I can make a schedule and stick to it or create a to-do list and knock everything off of that list within the same day. I have found that I often accomplish more in my life when I take the time to lay it down before the Lord and allow Him to guide my steps. Because of this, I've decided that I MUST carve out (demand, make room for, insist on) alone time with God daily. I want to make sure that I am creating every possible opportunity to hear God's gentle whispers to my heart. I'm looking forward to cutting out things in my life in order to make room for THE only thing in my life that can quiet the raging noises of this world. I've committed my life to knowing and serving Him, yet I've done such a poor job of making room for my King.

My New Bible Study System:

OK, so the first thing that I feel God is calling me to is a more systematic and committed approach to learning about Him. My current Bible study time is random in frequency and content. I listen to new sermon podcasts a few days a week, go to a weekly Bible study on Sunday nights, read 2-3 daily e-mail devotionals, and lately in the evenings I've been reading through the daily readings of the Bible on YouVersion for my iPhone. For all of the effort that I'm putting in, I don't feel to be making much progress. The good side of all of this is that God often speaks to me through my study. The bad side is that I never dig deep enough into any certain area of the Bible to experience significant spiritual growth. I've read through or at least listened to most of the Bible in the past, but all knowledge gained was only surface level. Since realizing this, I requested help from some of my friends on Twitter and here are some of the great comments that I received:

Wow! So much great advice and definitely enough to give me the inspiration to get going. With all of this in mind, I've decided that a great start for me is to study books of the Bible. I've purchased The Bible for Blockheads from Wal-mart to give me a little bit of background information on each book. (such as info about the author, the time period, an overview of the main topics, etc.) I'll read through this before I start each new book. I'll also be sure to listen to podcast sermons that relate to the book I'm reading... a great way to get more insight into what God may be trying to show me. One of the biggest changes that I'll be making is being sure to take time to meditate on, soak in, and apply what I'm learning. Rather than just reading through my Bible, I will allow my Bible to read me. (allowing God to show me what changes I need to make in my life as a result of His Word). I'm super excited about this. Only God knows the changes that are about to occur inside of me.

I'll be starting with the book of John. Want to join me? E-mail me at!


LaShaunda said...


Thanks for posting your question on twitter, and then for sharing the results. I alway try the reading the bible in a year then get bored.

I'm going to try the reading plan and see how I do.

Thanks again, blessings.

Morena said...

YES!!! I think we all go through this... I have never read the Bible entirely but am realizing that I need to because although I like the New Testament, the old testament provides the scenarios that back the statements in the New Testament up. What you can also do is buy a Chrisitian book that goes through the books randomly OR take a course =). I post my "lessons" online (not really lessons, just verses I find and analyze)

Mary Sailors said...

My Church in Minneapolis puts out a read the bible in a Year set of bookmarks. Everyday you read 2 sections of the OT and two from the new, so it mixes it up too! I started in January and got through about March...It's been sporadic ever since!

This is a great, encouraging blog though, look forward to following!!