Saturday, February 14, 2009

Confession No. 20: I Heart Romance Movies

In honor of Valentines Day, my Twitter friends and I created a list of our fave romance movies. There's no better day to hit up your local Blockbuster and grab a bag of popcorn for an all out movie love fest!

  1. Wedding Singer

  2. When Harry Met Sally

  3. The Notebook

  4. How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days

  5. You've Got Mail (Gotta Love Meg & Tom Together)

  6. Sleepless In Seattle (Gotta Love Meg & Tom Together)
  7. Definitely Maybe
  8. Never Been Kissed

  9. Two Weeks Notice

  10. Emma

  11. Ever After

  12. Pride & Prejudice

  13. Princess Bride

  14. A Walk To Remember

  15. Elizabeth Town

  16. Titanic

  17. Thirteen Going on Thirty

  18. Hope Floats

  19. Sense & Sensibility

  20. Sweet Home Alabama

  21. Music & Lyrics

  22. Just Friends

  23. Breakfast At Tiffany's

  24. Shallow Hal

  25. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

  26. Singing In The Rain

  27. What Women Want

  28. Pretty Woman

  29. Shakespeare In Love

  30. While You Were Sleeping

  31. Ghost

  32. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  33. Singing In The Rain

  34. The Way We Were

  35. The Sound of Music

  36. Dirty Dancing

  37. Pretty In Pink

  38. Beauty & The Beast

  39. Anastasia
  40. Family Man

There is no way we could make a list like this and leave out The Passion. There is no greater love than the love that God has poured out on His people. There is no one else who will ever love you more lavishly or more completely than Jesus. He knows and loves absolutely everything about your complex personality. Your mistakes do not surprise Him and your sincerest efforts could never possibly repay Him, but through His sacrifice, you have been perfected. When He sees you, He sees pieces of Himself. He made you an original, one-of-a-kind, work of art. He calls you His masterpiece and He deeply relishes in your beauty. He sees beyond your potential, past all of your pitfalls and into the deepest desires of your heart. He earnestly longs to be all you’ll ever need or want. He wants more than your heart! He wants ALL of your attention. All of your passion. He wants all of YOU!

...So, did we miss any movies that you think should be added to the list? What's your favorite? Leave your comments to help this list continue to grow.

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Donella said...

I see all my favorites on there! I just wanted to say that the last part made my eyes tear up. It was beautiful. :)

Hollyrae said...

there are soo many..
A Walk in the Clouds
Becoming Jane (Jane Austens story)
Mansfielf Park
Pearl Harbor