Saturday, August 9, 2008

Confession No. 1: Paris and I Share...

Even though Paris and I are thousands of miles away from each other, we share one thing in common. We are both passionate about pink! From my pink keyboard, calendar, inbox, and bathroom, to her purses, cars and dog clothes: some people might mistake us for twins... ok maybe not. Maybe we don't share anything but the love for the color pink, but even in my clearance isle shoes and my Target top, I know that I'm an heiress to something much more magnificent than her millions.

I'm a daughter of the most high GOD. The creator of the universe, the one that controls the sun, moon, and stars has called me his own. He has crowned me as part of His royal priesthood and doesn't see me for my failures and faults. No, instead when He sees me, He sees the perfection of His son. If Christ is Lord over your life, then you too are an heiress to the throne and I am honored to call you sister, princess, and friend.

I hope that you'll follow along with me on this blog as we dig deeper into what GOD expects from His girls. He has so much that He wants to show us about our role in His kingdom. Freedom comes through confession and I believe that as we confess our sin one to another and before GOD, then He will be faithful to not only forgive, but to help us become ALL that He created us to be.

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