Saturday, August 9, 2008

Confession No. 3: I Wanted To Sing Along

My mom and I went to the movies to see Mamma Mia. We intended to see something else, but arrived too late only to find ourselves sitting in with a room full of bright eyed and enthusiastic women. It was so amazing how God worked it out for us to be there. I wouldn't have chosen it otherwise, but I walked away with some great songs stuck in my head and a sincere appreciation for friendship GOD-style.

As a struggling work-a-holic, I spent too many years neglecting my girl time and more recently GOD has been showing me the beauty of a group of women coming together to let go and have a little fun. You'd be surprised at what a spiritual experience it can be. The truth is that we were created for fellowship with GOD and with others... not just casual fellowship either. We were created for deep meaningful friendships. Jesus had them! He hung around with a big crew of about 72, then of course he had the 12 disciples, and we even find that He was especially close to three of them.

Let's make that our goal. Why not take those friendships to the next level. The entire world is suffering from loneliness and all we have to do is reach out to the people that GOD has already placed all around us. Go to lunch or a movie. Share what's on your heart. Be a good listener and an even better forgiver. Friendship is hard work, but it is oh so rewarding.

Anyone up for some margaritas... oops! I mean coffee?

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